Book 1: Shattered Blood

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During the Age of Heroes, Gods would use mortal souls as pieces for their games, games which would decide the fate of the world. But as their latest game neared its conclusion, it was interrupted by the sinking of the island of Atlantis, an event which forcibly separated the ancient world in two, those of mortals and those of myths.

Now, millennia later, Princess Selesia, the Crown Princess of the mythical Kingdom of Artlars and Field Marshall Archean, a war weary survivor of the Third World War, are chosen as the pieces for the Gods latest game.

Separated by unfathomable distance and time, but bound by ancient prophecy, their separate but interlinked journeys could decide the survival or destruction of their worlds.

Release date: 22nd March 2022

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Page Turner Award

Hello all Welcome back. I have a small update to my continued efforts to write the sequel to Shattered Peace. Currently sitting on 80ish pages, which though a lot of pages is a significant number of pages away from a complete manuscript. Shattered Peace was just short of 400 pages by the time of complete … Continue reading “Page Turner Award”


Below is a link to the draft of the prologue for the next novel. “Legacy” is the title of this draft segment, to match the submission made for this year’s entry for the Page Turner Award. Does it work as a prologue? Should it be changed? How? Your opinions are always valuable. JMac


Hello all Thank you for returning to this site. I have some great news following the last post. The first book of the Praetor’s Blood series is getting published and the first of these, Shattered Peace, has a release date of the 22nd March 2022. As you can see from the latest pages on the … Continue reading “Publishing”

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