Praetor’s Blood


In Praetor’s Blood, God’s would use mortal souls as pieces for their games, but their final game, set during the Age of Heroes is interrupted by the sinking of the Island of Atlantis. Now, millennia later, two mortals, unknowingly bound by ancient prophecy, but separated by time and space are chosen as the latest pieces.


SELESIA THEAOLUS, the nineteen year old protagonist is the physically weak, but gifted in magic Crown Princess of Artlars. Forced to flee her home and go into hiding with a handful of bodyguards, her sister and lady in waiting after the murder of her father by her uncle, the Usurper of the throne. Seeking a solution to the ongoing civil war raging on the island, she is drawn north by the message that the Oracle, a messenger of the Gods, wishes for a meeting with her.

But upon arriving at her destination, she finds the Oracle absent and she is now caught in a siege by an enemy who seek to win by any means. Barely able to escape whilst pursued by assassins, she heads further into the untamed north, following a series of visions and dreams containing a woman in a green dress who promises her salvation if she find the “Heir of Europa”.

Slowly, Selesia is forced to confront her weaknesses whilst coming to understand that there are other kinds of strengths than the purely physical and that her choices affects more than just the lives of those around her and who sits on the throne of Artlars.

JAMES ARCHEAN is the deuteragonist. A war-weary officer who has lived for more than a century. Having survived a nuclear war, he is forced into politics, to which he is ill-suited, whilst governing a district of the “Britannic Confederation”, the last beacon of civilisation.

But when he is caught in a terrorist attack on the anniversary of the nation’s founding, he discovers a plot to overthrow the government from those within it. Now wary of enemies within and without, he tries to complete his final mission, to save the remnants of humanity whilst burdened by the guilt of the decisions he was forced to make during the wars of the past and the dreams of a female stranger in green who seeks his aid whilst seemingly knowing the secrets of his lost memories.

Praetor’s Blood is a story told from the separate perspectives of Selesia and James as they begin their journeys, with Shattered Peace detailing their individual struggles before their eventual meeting which commences the game they have unknowingly become parts of. Subsequent novels would details James’s arrival in the world of myths, their prophesised meeting and journey as James assists Selesia’s efforts to overthrow her uncle and end the civil war whilst seeking a means of returning to his own world. With the series concluding with the God game’s conclusions and the revelation of James’s hidden heritage and why he was chosen despite the separation of worlds.

Initially set on two separate worlds, the first is the world of myths and legends detailed in Greek mythology, inhabited by Gods and mythical beasts, whilst the other is the post-apocalyptic world set a century and half into our future. Forcibly separated into the “world of myths” and the “world of mortals” during the events of the sinking of Atlantis, both are still bound by an ancient prophecy which could decide their mutual survival or destruction.

Release date: 22nd March 2022

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