Page Turner Award

Hello all

Welcome back. I have a small update to my continued efforts to write the sequel to Shattered Peace. Currently sitting on 80ish pages, which though a lot of pages is a significant number of pages away from a complete manuscript. Shattered Peace was just short of 400 pages by the time of complete manuscript, and that was after 50 pages were edited and removed as being “extra”.

But in terms of progress, I submitted an entry into the 2022 Writing Mentorship category of the Page Turner Award. The entry can be found here:

Following a spate of e-mails which have come over the last few weeks, I have been notified, to my joy, that I have become a finalist once more and as of last week, another longlisted finalist.

This is the same stage which I managed to reach last year with the completed manuscript which became Book 1. Though Book 2 is still far from written, the story has potential and I hope any of those interested, please give me feedback to the current draft.

Anyone who has read the Legacy entry and the preview of Book 2 will see that even in the weeks since the entry was submitted, how the book opens has changed. Though it is not a full re-write, enough has changed for (in my opinion) the better.

Please enjoy and I will see you again on the next update.


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