2022 and the future of JMacNovels

Hello all.

It has been a while since my last update and this is sadly due to the many pressures which exist in the world beyond the screen.

A few updates since September 2021, it is now January 2022. If you have returned to this page and reading this, I thank you for your continued interest and hopefully support of this page. Praetor’s Blood: Shattered Peace which is the working name of the 1st novel of the series as indicated in earlier blog posts was submitted to the Page Turner Awards in the Writing competition.

As a full manuscript, it managed to reach the finalist and eventually the longlist stages. The fact that my first attempt at a competition lead to this result was something I had never anticipated, especially due to the subsequent attention and feedback that I received.

Due to the confidence boost, I have decided to make a proper effort in getting this novel released. As such I have begun a review of the various social media platforms to ensure their content is appropriate and whether it is still relevant.

Due to this review, I will be making many changes, this includes the contents of this writing blog and website. The draft pages have sadly been taken down for now, though the first 10 pages of Shattered Peace are available as part of my 2021 entry in the Page Turner Award, linked below:


My plans also include registered an appropriate domain name, updating or replacing the website entirely.

I am not sure where the future leads, but I am certainly planning to follow the path for as long as it allows me to.

I hope to update you all in the near future.


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